Web Development Planning Template

Web Development projects can be some of the most complicated and often most foreign to people working in the digital space. This template is designed to help you more effectively plan out your Web Development. If you are knew to web development this template won’t make up for learning fundamentals. If you’ve got the fundamentals of web development planning down this will help you be more successful.

If you are new to web development we highly recommend reading the “Web Development” section of “The Digital Plan”, in every project even in the biggest organization resources and budget will vary. Make sure you are starting with a good foundation of knowledge. One consistent barrier to good a good web development planning is not realizing how many distinct components and steps are often involved in web development. Planning well for web development means you need to understand how the layers of content, design, and development are all interlocking and impact each other.

An important tip on web development planning, “Make sure your everyone knows that shifts in timelines can trigger cascade in shifting dates in ways not experienced by other kinds of planning.”

With all of that in mind you are ready to create use the Web Development Planning Template to make a positive impact on your political campaign, nonprofit, or project. Make sure your Web Development Planning document is always focused around meeting goals.
If you’re ready to go simply click this link, then click file and copy to make it your own!

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