The Digital Plan Training Community

 A major shift in training and support for political campaigns is coming February 2018. The Digital Plan is launching what we are calling the “Training Community” or community for short. The mission from the 1st edition of the book to the development of the “Training Community” has been 3 part:

1) Expand the knowledge of everyday digital practitioners working on campaigns and for nonprofits.

2) Better equip managers and organizational leaders to understand digital. 

3) Shift the balance of power from the few to the many. 

The community will be different because we aren’t just doing some trainings… sometimes… some places. Our mission is 100% focused on training online, offline, and the blurry world in between. 

We are going to start slow and build based on need and demand a system of webinars, self-paced courses, resources, templates, and 

Why call it a community? Well, that’s what it will be. We are building trainings with practitioners already in the social good community. We are building knowledge and systems for this community. And we are going to start from day one with ways for members to connect with each other. No more vague listservs or unclear ways to connect after a webinar you were in together. 

Add your name now to get an invite to the beta of the Community!

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