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The Digital Roundtable is a weekly live stream being hosted by Brad A Schenck featuring innovators building tools and software for nonprofits and political campaigns, strategists, and activists leading change around the world. 

Members can sign up for a special webinar link for priority questions during Q&A but everyone can watch and ask questions via Facebook Live.

Order your copy of The Digital Plan 1st Edition to empower success in your next digital project.

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This book is ready for everyone from total beginner to technical expert, you will be digitally empowered by engaging with The Digital Plan. Whether you’re the director of a digital communications department or you’re a member of any team wishing to wield or understand the power of digital, this book will provide you with the tools you need to plan and execute digital strategy with ease.

Using his many years of experience directing digital strategies for campaigns and organizations, Brad A Schenck outlines everything you want to know about digital planning, utilizing digital tools and making the most of your collaborative efforts.


You’ll get these kinds of practical details to build a strategic Digital Plan.

In this book, you should expect to find:

  • Expert guidance framed with thoughtful questions you should ask.
  • Bullet points of the most up-to-date tips and lots of them.
  • Templates that will help you frame your plan, whatever your goals may be.
  • Stories and anecdotes from someone who has advised hundreds of digital plans at the highest level. 

From the very technical to the more artistic, The Digital Plan covers everything from design and social media to data and analytics. This book is a must-have for anyone wishing to make the most of their digital presence to create powerful impact by driving community action.

Once you’ve read the book we have started a library of templates you can use to build your digital plan.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the book “The Digital Plan” and the resources on this site to help accelerate more positive social change.


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