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Live Courses

Get $99 access for the End of Year Digital Strategy Course until September 27th.

You’ll learn the essential elements of a successful End of Year Fundraising Digital Strategy.

  • Elements like developing a strategic calendar.
  • Maximizing your content across all channels.
  • Fundraising via email, social media, and digital advertising.
  • Executing on content to drive engagement and raise more money.

The Matrix of Engagement is a holistic digital strategy framework. Go beyond clicks, ladders, and short term goals, this is about evolving your digital strategy into a human-centered growth and engagement program. This is a 6-month cohort program with monthly sessions to help you develop a Matrix of Engagement based strategy that drives real growth and meaningful engagement for their supporters.

Go beyond the basics of creating emails. This 4-week live course will help you dig into four critical areas to develop strategies to manage an actual email program. Focusing on email segmentation to get better list engagement, programmatic subject line and creative testing strategy, email series for engagement, and understanding the critical importance of email sunsetting. 

We’ve trained THOUSANDS of nonprofit and political campaign leaders, staff, activists, and volunteers. 

Self-paced Online Courses

Courses from The Digital Plan combine the latest in digital and tech strategy, real-world nonprofit and political campaign experience, and adult learning theory to empower your strategy and engagement.

We’ll be offering live multi-lesson video courses, self-paced courses, and special sponsored training courses. Check out the latest trainings below and sign-up for new course announcements. We’ll be adding new courses every month.

Designed to help you kickstart your strategic digital planning, this course will empower you to take it up a level. You’ll learn the core concepts and methodical systems to be a better strategist and planner. We’ll go deep on goals and tactics. We’ll help you think more strategically about your resources and budgets. And we’ll bring it together with an in-depth version of our strategically designed digital project planning blueprint. 

Email remains one of the most effective — and cost-effective — means for nonprofit organizations, political campaigns and other groups to find and mobilize supporters, activists, volunteers, and donors. That’s why the Digital Plan is teaming up with Denver-based consultant and longtime online communicator Chris Burley to offer this course. 

Whether you’re trying to raise money for your cause or your campaign, get out the vote, or otherwise mobilize your supporters — this course is chock-full of practical tips you can use to make your email appeals more successful.

Essential to all good content, marketing, and advertising strategy are audience archetypes. Every major company uses them in their campaigns to engage and move people towards their target goals. Now you’ll have the power to equip organizations and political campaigns with this core strategy to engage people for positive change. This course will help you not just understand audience archetypes but empowering you with the ability to lead others through understanding and workshopping audience archetypes. You’ll be able to run these workshops internally or for other organizations.

We are launching our new 2-Day digital strategy workshops across the country.  

We wrote the book on digital strategy and planning for nonprofits and political campaigns.

Used by Colleges, Universities,  Foundations, and training programs around the world

We wrote the book on digital strategy and planning for nonprofits and political campaigns.

Used by Colleges, Universities,  Foundations, Agencies, and training programs around the world

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