Becker Political Social Grab Bag-September 2018

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What am I thinking about?

I’m thinking about 2019. I know, we have to get through 2018 first, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also be starting to do some planning for our 2019 training schedule. In light of that, if you could please take 5 minutes to answer a few questions that will help us with that planning we’d really appreciate it!

Training Alert

Training Session in Coordination with The Digital Plan: 

Social Media for Executive Directors and Managers – Thurs. 9/13 at 3pm ET / 12 noon PT

What I’m reading

Jack Dorsey On Deleting Tweets, Banning Trump, And Whether An Unbiased Twitter Can Exist– Dorsey gave a pretty in depth interview to Buzzfeed News- you’ll want to read this one. You’ll want to read this one as well

This is what filter bubbles actually look like – Interesting visual representation that shows what the social bubbles look like and demonstrates why they are so hard to break through

How Nasa is reshaping video, influencers and taking on the world – NASA has long been really good on social media (remember @MarsCuriosity?) – here’s a good look at what they do

PEAK SOCIAL? The major social platforms are showing a significant slowdown in users – Have we reached peak social?

Platform Updates


 Read this carefully: New admin authorization for page admins- separate from ad verification – meaning even if you are verified for ads you still need to do this for being an actual admin (tho if you are verified for ads the process is a matter of 2 clicks)

● Big updates to video ad metrics

● Join me in doing the happy dance that one of the worst practices people ever did on social media is no longer possible: FB API change- no more cross posting from Twitter to Facebook

● New group functionalities: Pinning comments on posts and Pixels on Groups, Now in testing: links in Facebook Stories


● New on Instagram: Verification of Profiles


● Breaking Update: Twitter’s ads verification being implemented for not just candidates with enforcement beginning September 30


● Beta just launched of a new suite fundraising tools for non profits

Winning the Internet

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission


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