Campaign Digital Debrief 2018

[Virtual Summit]

November 13th – 16th

At the end of too many election cycles, the knowledge from that cycle falls by the wayside and we hope it moves into the next election. But the reality is too little trickles into other campaigns or agencies and we lose our collective learning.

That’s why we are hosting the Campaign Digital Debrief 2018 Virtual Summit. There isn’t going to be anything virtual about the connections, sharing, and learning. This summit won’t replace any of the great in-person events like Rootscamp (we’re big fans of Rootscamp).

This summit will give digital directors, social media staffers, comms staffers, field staffers, directors, and other leaders from around the country a chance to come together and share lessons learned.


After the summit, you’ll have access to every session debrief and we’ll make it accessible to other campaigners planning for un-Trumping America in 2020.


Four Days

Over four days we’ll facilitate dozens of conversations both broad and focused. Sessions planned by campaigners like you.


We’ll facilitate live conversation via Zoom with video, chat, document sharing, and breakouts.

Complete Debriefs

At the end we’ll compile notes from the live sessions and supplemental feedback. You’ll have access to an online document hub.


We’ll be working together with you to forge deeper and meaningful connections amongst digital professionals and campaigners like yourself. We’ll connect in sessions and Slack during and after.


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Debrief Sessions

We’ll plan 8 – 10 anchor sessions.

To flesh it all out you can also submit your own session suggestion that you would be willing to facilitate over Zoom and help us plan for note-taking.


Sign up today.

You’ll receive a login for the TheDigitalPlan site where the login and documents access will be.

If you suggest a session we’ll reach out within a few days.

By the end of election week we’ll finalize all the sessions.

Shortly after the sessions recordings will be added to the page.

In the weeks after the summit, we’ll compile the notes and submissions into a final set of documents and recordings for you and other campaigners working to un-Trump America.

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