Digital Strategy Conversation with Dan Kanninen CEO of STG Results

Across the spectrum of organizations and political campaigns, there is often a clear deficit when it comes to strategic knowledge and an organization’s capacity to execute an effective digital strategy. This deficit is the origin of the The Digital Plan. We were excited this past week to dig in with the STG Results team (formerly Smoot Tewes) in DC.  Check out this brief conversation with Dan Kanninen CEO of STG Results and Brad A. Schenck where they discuss the importance of developing digital strategy and breaking down the silos of between communications and digital.

The conversation took place during a week of training for the STG Results team that was based on The Digital Plan. This in-depth training was particularly exciting because it went beyond simply building within the STG Results team but instead focused on how STG Results can be proactive in building capacity in digital strategy and skills that transcend their organization to impact their clients directly.

“I was excited to see the depth of skill that the STG Results team already had and the way they thought about digital strategy. Over the course of the week we talked about the fundamentals of digital strategy and how to help organizations and campaigns dig deeper into focusing on goals, the engagement cycle, and choosing the right tactics. The sessions that were held covered topics such as digital advertising, developing audience archetypes, strategic planning templates, content calendars, workshopping strategies and content, email list building, email campaigning, email best practices, and more. My passion is training organizations and campaigns in developing their strategy, so having a chance to dig in with a team whose motto is ‘Good People Doing Good Things’ and now has plans to expand strategy to many other organizations and campaigns was a great experience.”

If you are looking for training for your organization, campaign, or team working in the digital space we would love to develop customized  trainings to fit your needs. Use this form to get your digital strategy growing with The Digital Plan Team!

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