Digital Strategy Two Day Training

The Digital Plan is a foundational strategic book and tr0aining led by Brad (Schenck) Caldana, the Obama Campaign’s Digital Training Director. Drawing on their years of experience and knowledge, Brad and companion trainers and strategists help organizations of all sizes tackle their big digital strategy issues.

In 2019, Brad is hosting a series of Digital Strategy Two Day Trainings across the country. These trainings are designed for Organizational Leaders, Digital Directors, Communication Directors, and all digital and communication staff or those who need to think about digital more strategically.

We are looking for partners across the country to help plan a training in your community. Partners can be either an individual or an organization. Partners help with the following key items.

  1. Building for the event and recruiting attendees
  2. Securing the local event location
  3. Supporting event logistics.

    Training can take on many formats

    1. Open Training either paid by sponsors or paid by attendees
      1. Designed for audiences including organizational leaders, staff, and digital staffers.
      2. We can design for specific cohorts or kinds of organizations. 
    2. Organizational Specific Training
      1. Designed for staff audiences including organizational leaders, various groups of internal staff, and digital specific staffers.
      2.  These trainings are tailored to organizational needs.
    3. Agency or Support Organization Training
      1. Designed for audiences including organizational leaders, campaigns and communications staff, and specific digital staffers.
      2. We work with agencies to develop the trainings you need to serve clients.

    Digital Strategy Two Day Trainings Session Schedule

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    Planners help us meet the minimum attendees needed, in some cases find sponsoring organizations, and support with event logistics to make sure we can come and focus on training the community on critical digital strategy topics and lessons.

    Individual partners are compensated for their time. Partnering organizations can choose direct compensation or seats in the training for their staff. To plan a training in your city contact Brad at [email protected] or use the form below.

    We have this one page pdf you can download and use for planning.