Email Going to Spam? Improving Your Deliverability One Send At a Time

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Digital Campaign Camp 2020 is jam-packed with all of the sessions you need to learn the digital landscape to win your election. Each session is lead by an industry expert sharing their industry-leading practices.  The Digital Plan is proud to announce a session you won’t want to miss, Email Going to Spam? Improving Your Deliverability One Send At a Time lead by Action Network’s Engineering Partnerships Manager, Amy Chin-Lai. 

What Will I Learn?

The campaign process requires emails, a lot of emails. No matter what your role is, you dedicate hours on end sending emails to supporters and other members. Unfortunately, so many emails get lost in your inbox before you (or your supporters) even get a chance to see them. Missed emails are missed opportunities when it comes to campaigns. Your mission requires optimal email delivery. 

Keeping your emails out of spam sounds simple, but it’s a huge problem that so many of us face. The top email providers constantly change their inbox sorting process, and it’s a hassle to keep up. You may have an incredible email campaign, but it will not be effective without proper delivery. 

In the session, Email Going to Spam? Improving Your Deliverability One Send At a Time, you will learn how to take control back of your emails. We will cover the must-know details about each major email provider and guide you through how to determine if your emails will end up as spam. Learn about the top ways to test your email program and optimize your deliverability. Additionally, you will get the chance to learn tried and true tips and techniques, and ask questions directly to an email deliverability expert. 

About the Speaker

The incredibly important session on deliverability is brought to you by Action Network’s Engineering Partnerships Manager, Amy Chin-Lai. She focuses on aiding progressive activism via technology and is committed to helping teams or organizers maximize engagement through effective use of tools like email. 

Action Network is an open platform that facilitates progressive causes via online and offline action. They specialize in mass email campaigns for recruitment and mobilization of activists and engaging with supporters via mobile messages. As one of Action Network’s key team members, Amy will provide a wealth of personal expertise in her powerful session. 

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Brought to you by Action Network, the Digital Campaign Camp session on deliverability is not one you want to miss. Sign up below to reserve your spot today!