Fundamentals of Digital Strategy with Care2

The world of digital strategy is constantly moving and evolving, especially for organizations who are looking to change or improve society in some way, shape, or form. It is critical to have a clear theory of change and know what your organization wants to move in the world, which lever of change you need to pull or activate, and which audience or group of people you need to move that lever.

Petitions are such a great way to move change and build and engagement.

It is often relatively easy for organizations to determine what they want to move or change in the world and that action is a must. The beauty of democracy is the ability to just start moving on change, to take and action yourself and to organize others to move. Petitions are the perfect tangible tool to begin this process.

Petitions are beloved by The Digital Plan team for so many reasons:

  • Petitions are inherently democratic in that, thanks to platforms like Care2,  anyone with internet access can create one.
  • Anyone with internet access can join and build the movement by signing a petition.
  • Petitions make a growing movement or interest in an issue clear.

One of the downsides of petitions is that the ease of getting one started means many people do so without knowing more about the complexities of digital strategy, which includes the planning of goals, tactics, target audiences, and engagement. Often it takes time to learn how to successfully do so and it’s best to start with the basics. That’s why we were excited to offer the Digital Fundamentals as a training webinar with Care2 users. You too can dig in by watching the recording!

Looking for more digital trainings and strategy? We offer multiple weekly live training webinars and growing library of recording trainings, templates, and resources. Join today for unlimited access!


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