March 2019 Trainings


We’ve got a great roster of trainings. As promised we’ve created a new pay per training option and started collaboration with new trainers. We have a great mix of free and tiered options for training on a range of digital topics below.

Also, we just published a Medium article on 3 Barriers to Organizational Level Digital Strategy. You’ll likely find it helpful to better articulate challenges your organization is having.


Website Scoping

Thursday, March 14th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT
Cost $35

Website scoping is an ever-evolving concern for all organizations. Whether you are planning a new website, rebuilding, a website, or launching a microsite there are core elements to scoping that can help you plan better. In this training we’ll dig into some key aspects of strategy and site scoping.

Key takeaway: Practical tips and a framework for website scoping.

Vote Tripling: Beyond the Pledge

Thursday, March 19th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

This training will detail how campaigns can use “Vote Tripling” as part of their GOTV efforts, a free, open-source RO technique designed by behavioral scientists specifically for non-activists. To win with relational organizing, democratic campaigns must get their non-activists to mobilize their friends.

Key takeaway: An understanding of how to implement Vote Tripling in your campaign and increase voter turnout.

Tools & Strategy: ControlShift

Wednesday, March 20th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

ControlShift is software for putting people at the center of your campaigns. It’s trusted by organizations around the world including Planned Parenthood, Amnesty, 350, and Color of Change to power distributed events, local groups, and member-generated petitions. ControlShift turns members into leaders, and campaigns into movements.

Key takeaway: An understanding of ControlShift and how it can strategically fit into your set of strategic tools.

The Quick & Dirty on A/B Testing

Thursday, March 21st at 3 ET / 12 noon PT
Cost $75

Add some science to your digital program! A/B testing is a powerful way to optimize web pages, ads, emails, and other digital communications. Whether you’re raising money or activating audiences, testing can improve your results dramatically. In this webinar, you will learn the basics of test design, sample size selection, and calculating statistical significance. Plus many compelling case studies.

Key takeaway: All the basic concepts of optimizing digital communications through A/B testing.

Social Media Recipe

Tuesday, March 26th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT
Cost $35

We all know how important engagement is for social media and we do everything we can to get people to engage with us. However, the other half of the social equation- engaging with our community proactively- is often triaged due to time management or worse, forgotten completely. This webinar will offer tips and tricks for managing authentic two-way engagement on social media and will give you a tool to train yourself to engage with others without spending hours looking at shoes on Pinterest.

Key takeaway: It’s called social media for a reason. It’s not enough for others to engage with us, we must engage with them as well.

Start MOBILE-izing Your Base: w/ SMS

Wednesday, March 27th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT
Cost $50

In marketing, we always say, “Meet people where they are,” and with 95% of Americans owning a mobile phone, organizations without a mobile program are missing key opportunities to engage. Come to this session to make sure you aren’t missing out! We are going to cover why your organization should be investing in mobile and how they can use it effectively.

Key takeaway: How and why you should engage and mobilize your supporters with an integrated text messaging program.

Digital Leaders: Project Budgets

Thursday, March 28th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT
Cost $50

As Digital Leaders balancing goals and project budgets are always a struggle. Regardless of the size of your organization, it is always a challenge. In this training, we’ll talk about some key aspects of creating a project based budget and some tips for working on it.

Key takeaway: Strategic guidance and thinking for creating project based digital budgets.

You can rewatch great trainings from prior weeks in the On-Demand Training Webinar Library.


*Training credits have no cash or refund value but also carry over even if you cancel a membership the credits will remain on your account.

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