Weekly Training Update: 1/14/2019


We are cranked up our site speed to make your experience better! In December we hit a big slow down but things are cranking now and full page loads are happening in a few seconds across the site.

Later this week we’ll be rolling out public videos on The Digital Engagement Cycle and Project Planning Grid. It’s the first in more public resources coming your way to support you and the organizations you are working with.

Getting your digital strategy right for 2019 is critical for organizational success. So be sure to check out the blog 7 Digital Hacks for Your 2019 Strategy for tips to help make 2019 a digital success.


Wireframing Your Website with Google

Tuesday, January 15th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Website design doesn’t need to be out of reach. Mocking up or wireframing a website can sound daunting but this training will provide you with practical tips and templates you can use immediately. This doesn’t replace high-quality designer created files but helps make early stages of web development easier and possible for underfunded groups.

Key takeaway: Google based templates you can use to wireframe or mock up web pages.

Tools & Strategy ShareProgress

Thursday, January 17th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

ShareProgress is a toolset helping organizations to strategically reach wider audiences. Here is more information about ShareProgress. Reaching a wider audience is tough. But your supporters already have a large social network of friends and family right at their fingertips. With ShareProgress tools, you can activate the people who already support your organization to reach out to their networks and spread the word about your causes and campaigns.

Key takeaway: An understanding of ShareProgress and how it can strategically fit into your set of strategic tools.

Humans of NY Style Storytelling

Thursday, January 17th at 4 ET / 1 PT

Humans of New York has been a standout example of simple storytelling done incredibly effectively. It’s a style that can be replicated by organizations to drive narrative and engagement. In this training, you’ll learn from Digital Strategist Salim Zymet. Salim has helped others implement this style of blogging and storytelling to drive engagement.

Key takeaway: Humans of NY style storytelling planning and worksheet for interviews and planning.

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