Weekly Training Update: 1/22/2019


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We hold Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. in high esteem around here and we hope you had and have time to pause and celebrate the radical morality and compassion he led with. May his words and actions propel you to build a more just world!

This week we’ve got one new training for you, a much asked for training from Beth Becker. That training is open to all.

We also released these two resource videos this morning:


Graphic Design Simple Templates for Social Media

Tuesday, January 22nd at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Churning out graphics for social media can be hard for many organizations. Using this tried and true method of using programs like PowerPoint and Google Slides we’ll show you how to create and deploy templates for graphics. You’ll get a walk through of building your own templates and a basic set you can start building from.

Key takeaway: Strategy and skills to quickly deploy more graphics for social media and templates to start from.

Social Media for Executive Directors and Managers with Beth Becker

Thursday, January 24th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Every organization needs to have a social media strategy and because social media is still constantly evolving we understand it can be hard to develop the strategy your organization needs. Do you manage a social media editor, digital organizer, or a team of content developers or digital organizers?

Key takeaway: You’ll have a solid base and understanding to guide your organization’s social media strategy.

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