Weekly Training Update: 1/28/2019


Last week we released these two public YouTube resource videos:

We’ve added a page with companion slides for The Digital Engagement Cycle Breakdown.

“Fundamentals of Strategic Digital Planning” our new self-paced course went live, if you missed the the special beta-price discount you can still take advantage of the $5o launch price. This is a comprehensive five-lesson course with video training, quizzes, resources, and a completion certificate.


Office Hours

Tuesday, January 29th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

These sessions are an open format session to talk about strategy, specific problems, and campaigns you might be running. Members can suggest focus topics or key problems to tackle for office hours sessions.

Key takeaway: Live problem solving and strategy for members.

Digital Leaders: Contractors vs Staff

Wednesday, January 30th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

As Digital Leaders we have to figure out how to meet our goals with human capacity. This is often one of the hardest parts of our roles. In this training, we’ll talk about how to evaluate whether or not to contract for a role or plan for a staff person. We’ll work through a few key breakdowns: evaluate skill vs strategy positions; determine the capacity in a single staffer vs multiple focused contractors; balance managing contractors; factor the costs of staff vs contractors; consider the ethics of contractors.Key takeaway: You’ll have a solid base and understanding to guide your organization’s social media strategy.

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