Weekly Training Update: 10/15/2018


We have gotten one big question on our End of Year Fundraising Digital Strategy course starting this week. Can more than one person on staff attend? The answer is yes! We are capping the number of seats for feedback but since every organization needs only one End of Year plan we wanted to let you know you can bring your team too.



Social Media Live Event Planning

Tuesday, October 16th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Social media is a powerful way to share live events and bring others in to engage. But too often what is happening and what should happen is an afterthought. We’ll dig into strategic planning for telling the narrative of a live event, capture content, and driving more engagement.

Key takeaway: Strategic social media live event planning and a tick-tock template and strategy you can put into use immediately.

Digital Campaign Debrief

Thursday, October 18th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

As we near the end of the electoral cycle campaigns and many projects will come to a close. Having a plan to brief your digital strategy and campaigns can be invaluable. Too often win or lose we just move on without debriefing what worked and what didn’t. We’ll talk through debrief strategies and a worksheet to help you get valuable information for future campaigns.

Key takeaway: Campaign debrief strategy and a worksheet to guide you.

Resource Updates:

We are continuing our Digital Political Tips, get week four’s tips and all tips in this Medium article. Or head directly to this week’s videos:

You can rewatch great trainings from last week in the On-Demand Training Library:

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