Weekly Training Update: 10/22/2018


We are gearing up for a first of its kind national Campaign Digital Debrief 2018 [Virtual Summit]. We’ve been frustrated by being in too many debriefs where notes either don’t get taken or don’t get shared after elections. And often they are too hard for many to attend just after the election. Whether you are working directly on a campaign, nonprofit civic engagement, or supporting in another digital capacity this series of online debriefs are for you. Learn more here: https://thedigitalplan.com/campaign-digital-debrief/

If you missed last week’s STRAT CHAT: “Design in the Midterms” with Candice Dayoan Creative Director from 50+1 Strategies. You’ll want to watch for insights on what’s happening on sites, in creative, and the awesomeness of designing a bus warp. Watch here: https://thedigitalplan.com/strat-chat-design-in-the-midterms-with-candice-dayoan/


Twitter for Organizing

Tuesday, October 23rd at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Whether you think of Twitter as a social media platform or a new platform it can also be key to an organizing strategy. Beyond broadcasting content, we’ll dig into thinking about Twitter as key to organizing. This training is for people directly working in organizing or leading others who are organizing.

Key takeaway: Fundamentals of Twitter for Organizing tips and tactics.

Facebook for Organizing

Thursday, October 25th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Facebook is still the dominant social media platform and a powerful organizing tool. Leveraging Facebook for organizing is different than thinking about a broadcast and engagement strategy. In this training we’ll be thinking about how to leverage Facebook  not to just engage but to take on digital organizing for online and in-person action.

Key takeaway: Fundamentals of Facebook for Organizing tips and tactics.

Resource Updates:

You can rewatch great trainings from last week in the On-Demand Training Library:

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