Weekly Training Update: 10/29/2018


This last week has been soul-crushing with terrorists sending bombs and murdering unarmed people of the Jewish faith. We hope you have some space to breathe and heal. There are no simple answers but we know the majority of folks on this list are involved in working toward a more just and kind world. We thank you.

The Campaign Digital Debrief 2018 [Virtual Summit] is picking up steam with new sponsor organizations joining each week. Just a quick reminder this is open to nonprofits, campaigns, and agency staff. Learn more here: https://thedigitalplan.com/campaign-digital-debrief/ and just shoot us an email if you have any questions.


Developing a Content Calendar

Tuesday, October 30th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Content is the backbone of good engagement and having a consistent content calendar is the number one way to reach content engagement goals. While there are many apps, tools, and systems for content calendars this effective Google doc system can be easily replicated by your organization and easily scaled.

Key takeaway: A content calendar template you can put into action today.

Email Planning for Success

Thursday, November 1st at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

Managing a good email program starts with good process. Good process is about consistent in email planning and drafting. In this training we’ll explore 3 email planning and drafting templates designed to help you plan emails that better target goals and effectively get better emails out to your list.

Key takeaway: Templates for email planning ready for you to draft, edit, and approve emails.

Resource Updates:

You can rewatch great trainings from last week in the On-Demand Training Library:

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