Weekly Training Update: 11/26/2018


We are excited to announce a new member session called Office Hours. This is your chance to join others in conversation and talk about real-world problems and projects you are working on. These sessions are coming from member feedback.

The Campaign Digital Debrief 2018 [Virtual Summit] was very informative and we’ll be asking others for more debrief information and sharing more polished information in early January.


Office Hours

Tuesday, November 27th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

We are now offering open office hours. These sessions are an open format session to talk about strategy, specific problems, and campaigns you might be running. Coming in 2019 we’ll be offering topic-specific office hours with other strategists to help members like you solve problems and scale up your digital strategy. Members can suggest focus topics or key problems to tackle for office hours sessions.

Key takeaway: Live problem solving and strategy for members.

Tagging Library | Data Structure

Thursday, November 29th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT

This training is all about how to structure a library of tags that can live beyond one staffer or current staffers. You’ll leave with more strategic insight on what a tagging library can look like and how to use tags as part of an overall engagement strategy.

Key takeaway: Fundamentals of structuring your database using smart tags that power engagement.

Resource Updates:

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