Weekly Trainings 4/8/19


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Start MOBILE-izing Your Base: w/ SMS

Thursday, April 11th at 3 ET / 12 noon PT
Cost: $35

In marketing, we always say, “Meet people where they are,” and with 95% of Americans owning a mobile phone, organizations without a mobile program are missing key opportunities to engage. Come to this session to make sure you aren’t missing out! We are going to cover why your organization should be investing in mobile and how they can use it effectively.

Key takeaway: How and why you should engage and mobilize your supporters with an integrated text messaging program.

Bootcamp 2: Digital Organizing Bootcamp for Electoral Campaigns

June 17-23

This week-long immersive training in Digital Organizing, includes hands-on, in-depth training specifically for electoral campaigning on topics like:

  • Building a digital campaign strategy
  • Mapping engagement paths for your supporters
  • Best practices for building websites, writing email blasts, managing social media and other digital organizing tasks
  • Integrating digital tactics with offline organizing
  • Follow up opportunities for mentorship and additional training
  • If you are wanting to work on an electoral campaign in the coming cycle this is the bootcamp you will want to attend.

The deadline for applications for this bootcamp is Midnight Eastern, April 15.

Bootcamp 3: Advanced Digital Organizing Bootcamp Aug 11-16

This first ever Advanced curriculum week long training will help you take your digital organizing skills to the next level by digging deep into topics like:

  • Setting up a digital program that is optimized for your goals and target audiences based on a rigorous and ongoing testing program
  • Crafting organic and paid content strategy for your website, email program and social media
  • Developing management skills to help you hire and manage a team of digital organizers
  • This bootcamp is intended for digital campaigners with a year or two of experience who want to take their skills to the next level.

The deadline for applications for this bootcamp is Midnight Eastern, May 15.

You can rewatch great trainings from prior weeks in the On-Demand Training Webinar Library.

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